After level 150

Is it just me that thinks after lvl 150 there should be some sort of recurring rewards given. Just a thought for another incentive to actually play more.


They haven’t found a way to monetize it yet.


If I recall correctly when they gave us lvl 125-150 they started the world sales big time.
Other than this they shall come out with other strategies to get money.

Funny thing is, didn’t need to purchase world cans to complete it. I finished level 150 and have over 220 world cans.

I had a suggestion of a prestige idea a while back where every 100k excess experience, you’d get veteran markers which could be used in a veteran markers depot. Alas, nothing came of it.

I feel they took half of this idea. I’m blaming you for you know what lol

The incentive are the weekly rewards and events

I didnt purchase any world cans either. It seemed long and all of a sudden im at 150 with nothing to really grind for apart from toons and duct tapes

That makes sense. I guess leagues store was their answer to this lol but the XP situation needs a bump imo more than anything else.

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