After 11 years, it comes to an end

:sob: i am going to freaking cry! But i hope our boys finally break the cycle and find peace and damn you Richtofen!!! And looks like Victus will be going against our primis and ultimis crew and they finally brought back evil Sam!!! Oh man! The hype is so real! Been playing COD zombies since WAW and have played every map with my squad and it is all coming to an end :sob: :sob: :sob:


Who still plays COD?

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I still play only for zombies, its all i ever played, i dont play multi and i make mods for zombies and do easter eggs for charitys

Nah its been bad this year its gonna be another revaltions

I hope not :sob: but i dont see how they can pack everything into one map and with the 3 crews and be able to explain everything, revaltions was horrible from the easter egg ro the cutscene, really hope Treyarch give us something good this time around

Says the one who uses the word hipster lol

kino der toten. best map ever :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha that is actually my fav map!

I didn’t have another word to use. Maybe millennials.

Thats another word that is overused and used out of context, i think the age now is like 35 or 36, anything younger and you are classed as a millennial

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You’re being a real buckethead.

Appearantly there gonna reboot the aether storyline in BO5

We are all buckets according to scopely :smirk: but yea the definition of millennial is just an age range, its just used out of context a lot cause its hip, making the ones who use it a hipster :thinking:

The only thing hip about me are my arthritic bones.

It looks that way tbh, with once again Ric being evil and betraying everyone. It would be cool to go back to old school zombies tho and re do the story a bit so its not all convoluted. Lots of what Blundell has done is basically undoing the mess that Jimmy made after blowing up Earth

I enjoyed the MW open beta.

MW = :face_vomiting:

Meh. Could be reworked, but the only thing I don’t like about it is the spawn locations and how easy it is to be spawn killed.

Hasnt that always been an issue in COD? Tbh idk cause i only play zombies but sometimes hop on multi to remind myself how bad COD is, nuketown has the worst spawn killings