Aesthetic - Because, Why Can’t You Look Cool While Chopping Heads Off Too


This probably serve as more of a “for fun” thread than it is one with suggestions I’d expect to be taken seriously. As the title suggests I’m talking about looks. Particularly what are some items, outfits, or weapons you want to see in game purely because they’d look cool, not too much worry about stats or specifics.

My list:

-Jesus 5*/6* with a bound mod-able weapon that uses the kicking animation that the 4* Jesus has by default.

-4* Hachet whether its a bound weapon or not

-We’ve got some “exotic” bound weapons like a flamethrower, chainsaw and rocket launcher, to name a few, so how about a flare gun, a nailgun or a lethal slingshot.

-Dog. Sell explanatory. We’ve got Shiva. An attack dog doesn’t sound so crazy, right?

-Old guns are better than no gun. How about WW2 era guns? (yeah I played COD recently)

-TWD, for the most part, attempts to stay in reality. There are some legit people out there; cosplayers, tailors, historians with skills to make functional but also practical armor. I’m talking from scratch not repurpsed sports wear or paintball or motorcycle attire. So how about a character with some homemade light armor.

-Native American Warrior. Walker from FearTWD is one of the most intriguing characters on either show imo. I’d love to see a Native American character channeling their inner warrior (done in the least offensive way possible, maybe add some story context). Think Connor from Assassin’s Creed or Nightwolf from Mortal Kombat going to town on a horde of walkers.

-Improvised/makeshift weapons. Let’s face it, during different stage of the apocolypse not everyone has the best weapons or guns on their person. There are some pretty plasible ideas described in survival guides. Examples: Aluminum bottle flail, billiard ball flail, shivs, etc.


Jesus kick for the win. Not sure why this isn’t a thing.

Clearly legendary boot would do a chuck Norris round house kick. Like literally flash in chuck Norris for a kick.


I vote for Nightwolf from MK just being added as a toon.


That’s some UO stuff right there.


Little people? We’ve got big guys like sawyer, chunky guys like Bruce so why not?

Okay… that went an SJW route. :confused: