Advice regarding Tapjoy

I would appreciate some advice guys.

Recently, Tapjoy promoted an offer for 2.5x coins on offers completed.

I was able to complete quite a few of these so far and have received the coins, which was great as that hasn’t always been the case in the past. However, one particular offer has burned me somewhat.

The offer in question is the one for Mahjong city tour or whatever

The offer provides a lot of coins for $50… I thought why not. Here is the offer… Under this it states that you need to do a 49.99 purchase.

In the game there is no $49.99 purchase for me… I assume that it does not take into account exchange rate and I do a conversion and work out I need to buy the 62.99 pack. Nothing else comes close for me that is available.

So after I do this, no coins show up. I open a ticket and after three or so days, Tapjoy come back to be stating the following.

Now, my question is this. Should I be contacting Google for a refund? Should I report this developer back to Tapjoy? How can they allow offers like this to be there when you can’t actually complete the offer?

I’m not sure I will get anywhere with this… Has anyone had a similar experience?

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Sometimes the offers work and sometimes they don’t. You can hound tapjoy, respectfully, and I have had mixed success with that. Because they said the advertiser denied it, it’s likely that it won’t change. My advice is get your refund from google and move forward. I have had great success with tapjoy but I have heard some horror stories too. Thank god for refunds though.


Did you show screenshot of. The purchase

Yes I included that in the proof to Tapjoy. Seemed to be largely ignored by the advertiser though.

refund, if i was you i would just try use bluestack emulator and try make the offer there, sometimes it works there and show the right stuff

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I Don’t think I’d want to run BlueStacks as I’d still need to pay to get the offer to work. Once bitten, twice shy etc. But thanks for the advice

What currency are you in?

Same thing happened to me…same offer, same price…im still waiting for that reply from tapjoy…i sent them both offer screenshot and email purchase. The offer clearly states $49.99 or above.

Let us know how you go asking for the refund, or any tapjoy follow up please. I’ll let you know what my response is…

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I’ll inbox you

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I’d get a refund from Google. If you want to try getting your coins contact tapjoycs on Twitter. That’s the only way I’ve had luck getting offers paid out that were denied.

Well this is a new kind of shady. Got a similar offer for 20k coins for 99.99.
Installed the app and was on my way to make the purchase when I realized that there was no 99.99 offer for purchase on that app.
Went to read the information on the offer and there it was.

The offer asks for an amount that doesn’t exist on the app and warns you that they won’t pay if you don’t buy that specific amount (which doesn’t exist on that app).

Guess I have a word for that: SCAM. Looks like Tapjoy has just developed a new kind of pyramid scheme.

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Yes, that might be true…i had a similar feeling about another offer so i didnt…but this time it clearly stated $49.99 “OR ABOVE”

So spending $62 is definetely above…

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I know. Mine also states 99.99 or above, but the specific requirements contradict what the main offer states. The developers of that Mahjong game must be Scopely 2.0 for all I know.

Why have such an ambiguous offer? Why can’t it be straightforward? And why aren’t the required amounts present in the game?

It sounds very suspicious to me. Hope you get your money back or mange to get what you really wanted, the coins.

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I guess the obvious question is are you guys usd?

Do both of these.

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I’d chase a refund. I did this exact same offer, i spent £38.99, and it paid out.

You can get the refund easy. This is a scam straight out. I would message Tapjoy about this and that you will be getting a refund, message the devs of that game this also, as well as make Google aware of this issue and that this is a scam/false advertising.


No I’m AUD

Really? I’m going to hound this issue