Advice please - tier 4 6*


I already have a maxed 6* Shiva, but can do another. Should I do the 2nd Shiva, or do another green instead? Thank you all in advance.


Maybe list all your 6* so we can help.
Idk just an idea :thinking:


It’s basically just more added to look of character.
A attire change pretty much lol.

Doing 2 Shivas is poor form.


Sorry, I have all the green 6*’s, thanks


Poor form? Why? Lol


Are you only interested in greens? Or are there any other choices?


You have all the green 6*? Even premier recruits?


Yes, I have all of them.


I was just asking about greens because I have the Hockey Masks


Carl for my pick


Viktor and his neutralize is good plus not many people have him. Shiva works on offense and defense as well. Any of those 2 would be good choices.


Here are my 6*’s and others I haven’t ascended yet


Imo i would hold the gear but out of all the greens if you are dead set on teir 4 another green then viktor he can hold a stun weapon and can hit really hard.