ADvice on green eggs and game in general


Hey, is there any other way besides raiding to gain green eggs. I’m getting my butt handed to me on a regular basis now, and have also been dropped from the #3 faction, and threaten to from the #8 faction. Since December I’ve dropped from #340 to a miserable #648. I’ve got the pink and blue eggs. But very few green eggs
I feel as is I’m being pushed out of the game! I have 6 6* tier3 only. I can’t get any luck from RNG over the last three events! Ascendance has been very slow now for me. I feel as the game has passed me up and now forcing me to quit with terrible pulls, and events
Anyone? Advice what to do?


The only thing there is to do. You should not be losing all of your raids with 6 6* T3.



Do revenge raids and attack lower players.


You can only get green eggs from raids, sorry. If you’re having a hard time in raids, you can change your attack team or be more selective with your opponents. I would avoid Carl and Erika teams since they give def buffs.

As for your second question. It’s hard to say but if you are running out of green eggs and you’re getting kicked from a #8 faction, it sounds like you’re too casual and not active enough.


What team are you running? Show us your 6*s, maybe we can help you.



I play everyday and a lot too. In fact I’m usually the top player in round up faction tickets, 700+ daily average. So I don’t think I’m casual in that respect. I’m just having serious raiding and war problems.


Mira lead, Yumi, Gov, Abe and Zeke should win you quite a few raids. Make sure you use Yumi’s active skill and put a high crit weapon on zeke. use Gov to neutralize their ar rush.


Exactly what this guy says ^^^^


My Grandma could farm tickets. xD


You shouldn’t have problems with a setup like that. I’ve been running a 6* T3 team until recently and I’ve been doing fine. Practice duelling within your faction: It’ll allow you to familiarise yourself with varying team compositions. And try skipping carl/ erika leads & go for Mira teams instead.


100% This.

I would go after Carl teams with the Gov and Mira. Greens are beyond easy to beat with them. It’s the Mira teams you should avoid. Dwight and Ty will kill Mira and the Gov pretty fast.

The problem could be your weapons. While working towards stun and impairs make sure you have a full set of v lg/huge ap, att, and def for each toon. On att Zeke should have as much crit as possible. On def he will be a liability even with an ab def weapon behind Mira.

I highly recommend you get Ty from the depot and replace Abe with him. Siddiq from ascension is another great toon that’s f2p.

Good luck.

BTW Telling people to “get good” is not helpful in the slightest. If you gonna troll at least try to offer up some advice while you’re at it since clearly, you are masters of the game.


100% agree that abe isn’t that useful on an attack team but based on what they had. I agree with you totally about Ty/Siddiq


Thanks I will give it a try


I am too so I know your feels!
I feel like things have been getting better for me after crafting weapons. :slight_smile:


Elk, thank you very much. This worked. Out so much better. Took your advice and went 4-1!! :slight_smile:


Don’t stop trying with armory craft no matter what you read about it :smiley:

Congrats on the 4-1 now keep raiding and familiarize yourself with your new team setup so next battles will be easier and faster.

Now help take your #8 faction to #3! :smiley:


You shouldn’t be loosing that much, you need to…



Well after 24 hours, Elk’s idea worked well, I’ve have climbed back up 17 positions. Thanks.


Wat ?? Oo