Advice for my roster


I currently run a S2+ team that has limited use in war but I want to increase that potential. For months now, I’ve been waiting on another ranged ascendable epic but so far, this game is being really stingy with my pulls. In fact, I have some doubts that the next free toon will be ranged. Now I’m pretty much desperate at this point and I’ll ascend a melee toon if it means a stronger team. I’m even going as far as to sacrifice a chunk of my epics for one and quit SR for a while until I build up my roster again. I’m 3100 tokens short of a 5⭐ pull but let’s be honest. I’m bound to get a “meh” one.

So between Wyatt, Rick, Vincent, and Maggie, who would make a good addition to my raid team?

This is just a mock-up for what I wanted to go with. I plan on replacing Tripp with Kenny for a attack/heal rush.


I would replace Lilly asap

How old is the region? Post the rest of the roster


Agree with twisty. Replace Lilly with a faster AR high damage character. Keep trying for Ty and Gov from supply Depot. Tripp is a better healer than Kenny imo as he removes stuns, impair and burn. Focus on increasing your AR and damage output and don’t worry as much about getting a 6*.

I would think about building a melee team to face yellow teams though. Miraboobs won’t save those blues


Sell them all and get a governor from depot.

But seriousness

For the moment, If you are fight 6s with 5s focus on high individual damage toons over those that spray multiple at low damage like Viktor. You want to remove pawns from the battle field as they are sure to have a healer on the other side. Also you going to need more control, so if they are loaded with confuse or stun multiple, these are critical to pulling through with 5s.

As for who to ascend, I would probably go Rick. His high damage would be helpful and isn’t so squishy you can’t use him in a mix team without defense bonus. If course a sudden governor in depot he would supercede Rick as he is a better match and better control toon.


If you have to use 5 stars Lilly is not the worst she is 45 Ap and gives the entire team a 65% att buff. If you have 6-star Zeke you also get a 35% crit bonus. If you get some heavy hitters like the Gov or Ty in their that’s gonna hurt.

Since your ranged, I would also suggest you try to get Siddiq from ascendancy. He is fantastic. Also like Wanderer said you should pull the Governor from the depot asap. Ty would work well to if you don’t have him either. The gov is great for all the Carl lead teams out there. Good luck.


Use Lilly, Doug, Shane, George, Carol, and Mark as your roster setup. Very OP.


I would definitely start considering ascending all those melee characters. You could make a decent melee team with those. Not the best, but better than what you have.


@Twisty Here’s the rest of weak-ass, pathetic-ass roster. Looks like I was laying it a little strong when I said I would use a bunch of them as fodder.

You have no idea how often that thought plays in my head. Extreme sale will seal the deal. But for this week, Annie saved them. I use Prestige Gov and command Lilly on turn 2. Mirabelle with Trait Advantage could drop any important 5⭐ on the enemy team (usually Revivers or Andrea). Viktor would pop off the next turn and usually end it. But unfortunately, I don’t have anyone who confuses or stuns outside Boobs. As for Depot people, it’ll take a while. As forgetting them training, I’m two levels down. And I’ll have to upgrade my Town Hall another level. But worse case scenario, Rick. Gotcha. I’ll keep my eyes though and try to stretch my supply markers if needed.

@IronandWine Ascendance? If anything, THAT’S good for fodder. Another Lilly and another Kenny. If I get another Oberson, then that seals the deal. And I wasn’t here for the Shiva Force/A New Threat event. I’m aware of how fucked I am.

@TysonB In the event I don’t have a ranged ascendable epic by next month and whichever free character that give out isn’t ranged, I’ll slowly start on a melee team.


Do u plan to use it as a defense team or attack team? If attack, i would suggest sr zeke lead with 6wyatt 5maggie 6vincent 6mira with ap boosting weapons. Fast rushing team with some control.


Why haven’t you ascended the four melee toons in your roster? Those 4 plus SR zeke will be much much much better than your current offense/defense.


I agree with @Final-Boss you should ascend your melee toons and pick up road Ezekiel from the depo and use rick as lead with your yellows and have mirabelle far as a attack team.


Exactly what I was gonna say lol

Ascend those 4 and sr zeke, Vincent lead , decent team there


At the time, I believe it was a decision between Mirabelle and Wyatt. I did have SR Zeke but he was only T2 and I was looking toward Mirabelle because she could turn my ranged toons into a offense-heavy team. Ironically, I had a better variety of toons for melee. Debuffers, buffers, healers, all that stuff. I honestly don’t regret my decision because the team does alright against some S2 teams. Besides, at best, I only had enough for one person. It will be weeks before I can ascend another toon.


Start to focus on your melee toons, they’re your future right now , might take weeks but that’s the route you’ll be wanting to head in