Ads on iOS system missing?

Is anyone using the iOS system having trouble watching ads? I think I only get 5 coin possessions and nothing else.


iOS user here, and have no issues watching videos. Maybe you have to get in touch with TapJoy and ask for a solution to this issue.

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Just ran it on my iPhone and iPad and had no issues watching videos. Both are updated to 13.7 going to go find my 8+ and see if I can run it on that. Have not updated that phone yet

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Yes, I’ve had this for a while. I get videos maybe once a week or every other week. But, I went for months without any so I guess this was an improvement.

Android ads or in-game cash-paid offers sometimes get blocked by VPN. Wonder if iOS might suffer from a similar affliction

I also have an android tablet but i’ve been really struggling with watching some ads last couple of days as well : (

Yep get a few Broken iOS

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