Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush, two ways I know on how to level up AR:

#1. using the same persona toons
#2. using AR trainers
#3. scavenger camp

Which way do you guys pick? I mean, I have been using #1, but hell, it’s just a waste of toons and food, and it’s really starting to piss me off a bit, just a little bit.


Thats basically it. Its a grind. Use training camp for the persona you want and put a lot of survivors into. Occasionally you will get that persona trainer as well. Also try to get the territory that helps increase chance of AR leveling up.

The first 4, is that where life is like a box of chocolate?


For 6 stars use the 1st four spots as it doesn’t matter what you feed them. For power leveling, there is no reason not to train for the right trait.

Shirts and gloves are literally everywhere. Burn a few cans if things get really low but with very little farming and I do mean little I always have 1500-2000 of each and yes I have hit 1.25-2 million whenever I have had a need to.

The bigger problem is “Can Thursday”. The one map designed for shirts and gloves and the one we really need to farm gets all the other optional but necessary maps at the same time.

There are 6 other days of the week. Spread it out. Bad form Scopely. Very bad form.

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Ya, the weapon parts are nice, I also need stuff to level up to 5*, but then SHIRTS!!! MORE SHIRTS!!

How many 6 stars have u got lol.

so, anyways, am I the only one having fecal luck with AR level ups?
or is this a norm for everybody else?

We have the kingdom territory so that helps and like many others have said only use the same persona and u should be ok.

I do use the same persona, but sometimes, and very often, I just get nothing even when I throw in 10 of them.

I was reading somewhere that people said it would be the most optimal to use 4 at the same time.
But I just always go all-in with 10.

There is not enough free energy on thu to run the gear map, get the mats, do the ascendance, and farm for shirts and gloves. Don’t be that guy.

Yeah, I agree for the most part that is a sound strategy if you are not trying to power level a specific toon and just going for points in a level up. When I want to t4 max a toon I will waste the extra shirt/glove because its way faster that’s all.

My beef with Scopely right now is they save everything for Thursday when the rest of the week there is almost nothing going on besides the gear map thus “Can Thursday” was born. It’s not an accident.

I’m not sure using only the first four really helps here - third one is great if you need citizens, second one if you need peacekeepers, first and last for hunters or soldiers, but leaders and rebels are difficult and have low drop rates (<= 25% on all training courses). And most contain citizens, which are plentiful anyway (they have so many 1*). So you end up wasting food, gear, and survivors producing citizens that are barely useful, and sometimes other types that you have no use for. The only one that is really good is the third one (75% peacekeeper, 25%leader), and that one will empty your shirt supply quickly. Plus, the persona-specific courses have a chance to give you persona trainers, which are worth a lot of supply points (one of them is enough for almost 5 world cans, that’s a lot of shirts and gloves).

I wonder why Dopely piles Thursdays like this. This week, Blitz wars, ascendance map, gear map, 4* weapons stuff, etc. All at once! Why couldn’t they do this yesterday!

Because they think it will increase can sales and for all, I know it does.

Does anybody use AR trainers? or just sell them to the depot for points?

I’m waiting until they add ascension for trainers, let me take 9 AR trainers to make a Lilith… It could happen (ok, it won’t but maybe, just maybe). Seems consistent to the intent of ascension in my opinion.

I guess that’s possible if they make you level up your trainers to T4, then, ya, I guess that might be possible.

or at least one of your 9 trainers gotta be fully leveled.

are some toons easier to level up ar than others?

because there are some characters that i get ar level up almost every time.

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