Admin bots keep popping up in GC

Anyone else having this problem in their region? Its annoying. As soon as someone pist something automatic admin bot pops up


Block them that’s all you can do. It happens in most games with global chats. I just ignore them personally because your block list will get so long blocking them all and it resets when you clear cache or update the game.

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I have 9 admin bots blocked


Dang evil people out there making bots and being an irritation

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He’s more than a bot he’s in a lot of other games now seem like some malware
Basicallyay besome type of attack by diem hacker hopefully not but this admin thing seems to be getting into an lot of games right now

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I seen it in another game where it posted one after another constantly and if you blocked it didn’t make a difference because there were many many different accounts posting at the same time… in rts I just block them when they pop up and count myself lucky lol

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Scopely has already said, report them & block them. Their looking for a way to stop/slow them.