Adjustments and Re-scaling needed!

With the recent introduction of 6stars, level cap increase to 125, and other recent changes, large portions of the game are in desperate need of some rescaling and updating.

  1. Farms - It takes an awful lot of food to level 6 stars up. The current farm output doesn’t even begin to cut it. Food generation per hour as well as max food on a farm really needs to be tripled.

  2. Daily Roadmaps - Please add a third level to all of the daily roadmaps. Make it double the energy, but double tHe rewards as well. Currently farming is a huge time sink and a major bore. If you really want to make people happy, make a super shirt/glove map. 5x the energy, but instead of 7 shirts/gloves you get 35.

  3. Gear maps - With everything going up a level, it is time the gear maps were adjusted. Take the current silver radio gear and make it bronze. Then make beanies, flak jackets, and other elite gear the silver roadmap. At this stage, elite gear should never be a limiting factor. To replace the elite gear map, start offering a map with the gear to t3 six stars. Hand radios, watches, gauntlets, etc

  4. Town Size - Open up a few more places. Let us have another farm, food storage, etc.

  5. Scavenger Missions - Make some high level missions with things like territory and survival road jugs, more five star tokens, gear for leveling five stars, etc. Some things to make everyone want to max out their scab camps.

  6. Supply Depot - Characters and items really need an update to make them worth while with the recent changes. Some prices really need adjusting too.

I’m sure there are other parts of the game which are outdated as well and could use a little tweak.


Sorry that requires 2 hours of coding from one person it aint happening this year!


Hmm… maybe I’m the only one who feels this way? Or else the playerbase is so beaten down by a lack of response that it isn’t even worth commenting.

Food is not an issue. Gear yes.

2 hours coding, 2 months QA.

2 years to actually release.

Food IS an issue imo. As someone who put in a large amount of time grinding and farming (and has reached lvl125) I have seen my resources hugely depleted in competing in the frequent level-up events (I have made the adjustment to sitting them out now or barely going for 250/500k milestones). These 6* require levelling through to 5* and again to 6*, which of course means a huge amount more food and a lot more gear needed.

I agree with all of the points made. Like so many others on here - I have said all of the above and ‘liked’ them every time I’ve seen others ask for the same. I don’t think we’ll see these types of needed changes made a reality though any time soon. I can only speak for myself on this one, but I don’t know that I’ll be making it past the end of 2017 with this game (from a launch player).

Never mind.