Aden’s... a myth in war boxes


I haven’t gotten an since the 6* were released come on scopley stop being so stingy with the Aden’s. There is no need for all the sd points because there is t anything worth buying In there other than maybe a 3rd ty


Just like the variety of teams


They nerfed Ayden of course. How else would they create artificial scarcity ?


Also bought the Governor already. And got 2 Glenns from ascendance. Elite tokens and adens are extremely rare from war crates now. Useless basic tokens and low SD points are not. :-1:


I have two Glenn’s two govs and two Ty’s already so really there isn’t anything worth buying in there


They are available from offers and SR road too. It is common knowledge that same people that do pulls can afford to buy other stuff (many great offers) to upgrade toons, thank god we have people to adapt to that system. I can’t understand that if someone is buying from wheel expects to get free stuff, buying should be 100% implemented in such way “play”.


so is getting a 5 star when u hit 40 token pulls a MYTH now


We was talking about war crates. Not really sure what you are on about?


They are more like the white buffalo. Good luck finding it.


Had 2 this war and at least 1 in all other wars so they are there.


I’ve received two since war returned. One the first war and one this one.


I got some


It’s all supply depot points and 2* trainers.


There still around I got 2 from this crw event weekend


had him a couple times, but nothing for the last few wars


It’s a myth, just like “player first” attitude


Regular war, two blitz wars, and CRW (around 100 crates for CRW) gave me just two Aden’s. How is that possible? Just two from four wars? What the hell, Scopely?


I got one this war and one last war I used to get two or three


One Aden from 45 crates. No elite tokens.


I had 3 adens out of 50 to 60 crates