Addressing the Promises in GR’s Letters

Before we move to GR’s letters, we should go back and look at Scopely’s prior history with letters. Two years and ten days ago Albert Wei posted a letter to the community. This letter came on the heels of one of the worst wars in RTS history. The problem stemming from this war involved 1v1 matchups of regions, which caused differing region activity levels to lead to horrible search times and a very unhappy community(does this sound familiar given recent wars?).

Looking at the original letter(posted below), moving past all of the fluff, we can see a commitment to consistent quality. Many game features have remained broken for literally years. Territories have yet to be fixed. Numerous characters have been released that are broken, some of which make it impossible to use them all together. Others have been allowed to remain unfixed, without any notification from scopely, until they are changed during the second round of sales in a disgusting example of deceptive business practices. Unless this was referring to being committed to a substandard quality, I would say this commitment was meaningless.

Secondly, we see a mention of a player first attitude. If the previous examples didn’t serve to gut this claim of any validity, the fact that players who were preyed upon by the michonne bait and switch or who pulled broken characters were refused refund. I find it impossible to believe that releasing broken characters, taking money for said characters, and then refusing refunds is anything resembling a player’s first attitude.

The last commitment was one to community engagement. This has worked out well recently, now that we have been rid of kalishane and have JB/GR on board. They do engage with the community, however it is clear that they lack the ability to deliver meaningful changes or back any of the commitments we’ve seen here and elsewhere.

This letter was followed by the adoption of 6* characters, which was an absolute fiasco. I could attempt to sum up that train wreck, but I believe Justin did it better than I would ever be able to. His original post is quoted below.

This brings us all the way back to today. What we have now, is another “Albert” letter. This one with less details and the same likelihood of implementation. We were brought here by the same failures we saw two years ago, with the first CRWs. We now have two years of history to look back on, to reference, and to judge by. We can see that the last letter was empty. We can see that the promises of 6*s were empty. We can see that a commitment of any kind from scopely is empty.

So what have the players done? The same thing that got us the last letter. They’ve tightened their grips on their dollars, they’ve taken to attempting to be unified in the face of scopely’s deceptive business practices and general ineptitude as it relates to maintaining a functioning game.

Why do we expect any kind of different results? We will see a spark of change to lift the hearts of the players. It will be designed to calm the players down and cause them to loosen the grips on their wallets. It will burn out just like last time. All of this is to say, don’t let them off the hook until we see change delivered upon consistently. Don’t lose this new found solidarity for trinkets or baubles. Demand real change and wield the power we have as a community by voting with our dollars. If that doesn’t bring about meaningful change, then the next step is to walk away and enjoy your new found free time.


Do you believe scopely will follow through with any meaningful changes?

  • I have no trust in Scopely
  • I have full trust in Scopely
  • I am somewhere in the middle

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If scopely doesn’t follow through with meaningful changes will you:

  • Continue playing and spending
  • Continue playing without spending
  • Quit playing

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Not posting Trump quotes for attention today ?

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I can be serious and this is a serious topic, but I’m disappointed in your lack of Dave Chapelle quotes.



Albert has nothing to do with RTS anymore


Doesn’t change the fact that they straight up lied to us through this letter.


yes they did. and we did nothing about it as a community aside from a failed movement that ended as soon as good promos were released. Hopefully the results will be different this time around


I think that’s largely irrelevant to the trend we’ve seen over the last few years. Albert Wei isn’t the problem. He wasn’t then and he isn’t now. It would be a lot easier if the problem was a single person, but ultimately that’s not the case. What happened with him and the early CRWs is here to highlight the years long pattern of broken commitments and promises, and to show that the situation we had with war recently is almost exactly the same as what we had before. It shows they’ve learned nothing and have changed nothing when they continue to repeat massive mistakes.


As long as such people exist, could they bring real money or russian money in the game, Scope will never change anything.

Why would they ? Everything is still goin on normally, cash runs in like a charm, toc players are happy as hell to be so catered, former gates are buried and forgotten, #ChangeTheWheel is long gone, #PlayersUnited is soon™ long gone under the rug … No need to change at all.


Let’s be clear, the major response from the letter was creating the Community Manager, now two… So that they can effectively “manage the community” … They have no real authority and the business management like Albert are the ones who call the shots.

Until those guys get the message between yatch parties, little will change.



Can you make a video this is to much to read :slight_smile:


It was more to the follow up from Albert Wei poll, but I guess you meant from his original letter not he himself.

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On the Contrary people still want the wheel changed and RTS just hit a 90 day low ranking on iOS. People can effect change, was always going to be a few waylands. He’s just another promo that is quite easy to skip, 9/10 become benchwarmers and at best your buying a couple defends maybe. Too each their own.


He spoke for the company.

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I doubt anything will really change besides of keeping the real heavy big spenders addicted. The truth many need to accept is, this company has milked its mobile games to death. The more they add the more gets bugged in the game. Says all about their programmers. No time nor resources to test their updates before sending it out.

The executives doesn’t care what the TWD:RTS community has to say or want for this game since they have made plenty of money. This is reality for all profit oriented companies. I won’t feel sorry for the employees and contractors when this company starts to lay off its staff which will happen sooner or later.


Poll was asking for a follow up of someone who is not involved in RTS anymore - just pointing out the obvious issue with it was all :wink:

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The poll was a part of Justin’s original thread, I just copied the whole lot of it


And all the first one did was fan everyone who spoke their mind. Anything negative was



U have absolutely no idea if those were obtain with coins already stored or that were obtained in a free crate. That being said if one or just a few decide to buy that doesn’t mean that the playersunited movement isn’t legit. The point of it is to have enough people on board to make a difference. This doesn’t require every single person though it would be nice

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