Addressing the Promises in Albert's Letters

Pardon the terrible pun. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Scopely has told us many things about Ascendance to try and assuage our fears and reassure us that “player first” isn’t just an empty promise. Here is your evidence to the contrary.

Let’s start here. Not only has Scopely famously reneged on their promise to restrict access to 6★s by making them available outside of the Ascendance process, but they have not ramped up the availability of 5★ Epics, nor have they given us more consistent ways to get the upgrade gear we need. How many times have we had to beg for gear roadmaps now? It is a constant problem.

This one was an outright falsehood. Perhaps Scopely didn’t foresee that they were going to renege on this, but renege they did.

Scopely may claim that this is technically true by including a Long Coat as a Milestone Reward in the SR Tournament, but need we remind them just how many Long Coats are needed to upgrade a single character once? The amount isn’t acceptable, the avenue isn’t acceptable. We need the promised Gear Roadmap to be able to regularly farm what we need, not have our needs partially fulfilled by RNG. This was promised by Albert Wei in July. It is now almost November.

By “they aren’t going to be wiping the floor with 5-Star teams out of the gate” did you mean “they are going to be wiping the floor with 5-Star teams two months out of the gate with no warning just hours before the largest event of the game”?

There was a brief uptick in the availability of Benedicts but like all else, that has dropped dramatically. We are being starved out of every resource imaginable. Scopely has shown no sensitivity whatsoever to the issues we face as a direct result of their actions.

For a short time almost all reward structures centered around Medals, giving us a short-term surplus to work with. That surplus is beginning to dry up, however, and this roadmap has turned out to be yet more vaporware from Scopely.

Was a massive stat boost that destroyed the balance of the game mere hours before the game’s second ever Cross Region War not an abrupt shift in power? The pool of viable top level teams has narrowed down to two teams. Total. Carl and Mirabelle.

Speaking of team viability. What happened into having a meta with multiple top-tier team builds that are all viable? Scopely narrowed the field down to two teams total. Scopely has not at all delivered on this “major design challenge.”

For these reasons, and many others, I want a response from Albert Wei acknowledging his and Scopely’s failure to live up to his own “player first promise” made in July and outlining not only a roadmap (har har) to fixing that, but timelines to doing so.

Do you think we need a response from Albert Wei following Scopely’s failure to deliver on his “player first” promise in July?

  • Yes, I want a follow-up from Albert Wei
  • No, I believe Scopely will one day deliver on their promises

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Read below for a direct address of the points specifically brought up in Albert Wei’s letter to the players, and not just points related to Ascendance:

And a more concrete proposal for a resolution:


Probably. But everything said here is well-documented.


Nicely presented, @Justin

The only point I might disagree with is this one:

I think the amount of guaranteed 5* tokens they’ve given away in tournaments has ramped up the availability of 5★ epics. But, since the supply of Benedicts has dried up, it’s not enough. People are looking at 5* pulls that would have been incredibly powerful a few months ago and saying: meh. ascendance fodder.

And, it’s getting to the point where it’s not just gear holding us back now. It takes a ton more resources to level an ascended 6* character (someday I’ll document exactly how much more). But, despite the number of survivors we have to train to level a 6*, the number of shirts and gloves we need to train those survivors, the time it takes to cook up those 2*s, we have NO WAY of getting them at an accelerated rate. And food! Where are we getting the millions extra food from? I’m so tired of farming.


For once I don’t want to hear from Kalishane. That sounds more harsh than it seems but she’s the bridge between us and the developers and she just can’t do her job if she isn’t being given the proper info. Right now she’s telling us what she thinks will assuage us but that isn’t going to cut it anymore. Nobody believes the promise of “later, later” when “later” flew by months ago. Now it’s time for Albert to step in again and admit to the failures he has personally allowed to occur as the General Manager for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. Kalishane is a good source of info on a day-to-day basis like “why isn’t Evasion working” or “what events will we be seeing this week” but when it comes to high-level issues like Scopely failing to live up to a whole slew of promises they made and failed to keep over the course of several months, we can’t be holding her responsible for that failure. It’s time for the people in charge to take responsibility, and that means Albert Wei and other decisionmakers that prefer to stay out of our line of sight.


I wholeheartedly agree that the game is still functioning on a 5★ economy that has not in any way ramped up to meet the needs of a 6★ economy.


completely agree

Well presented. Make it a block post on a gaming news site to reach albert wei. He doesn’t read forums nor will some of the devs show it to him

And don’t believe if devs will say we will bring it to him. Just imagine some stupid kids would justified complain about your work. Would you tell it your boss or sweep it under the carpet?


Afaik, resources needed for t1-t3 a 6* are the following:
T1.1-T1.60 -> same as T2.1-T2.60 of a 5*
T2.1-T2.70 -> same as T3.1-T3.70 of a 5*
T3.1-T3.80 -> same as T4.1-T4.80 of a 5*

6* t4.1-4.90 probably someone from beta could have this info

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Resources for last tier 6*:

XP needed: 244,584
Food needed: to level these toons 29,715,100
2*s needed: 628


yeah, i brought it up on another thread but no official reply there either.

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The only time that issues don’t fall on deaf ears is when profits are down…and heads are about to roll.


Well written. Kudos :slight_smile:


Very well written. Have a free bump.

Wow seems like you live in this forum

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Yeah that’s something that’s being worked on as well.

Doubt it Kali will ever reply

Albert getting off his arse and bothering to respond to the community only came about because of the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. It’s a shame his words have been proven hollow almost immediately.

Still waiting to see him address the community again as promised and still waiting for evidence of the "player first attitude"
Soundbites may please the investors Albert but do nothing to placate us cash cows who keep those investors around in the first place

At this point i would settle for players first on occasion attitude


Nooooo that is secret word for thread lock/ban!

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How you doin? :wink:


Totally agree