Additional weapon territory

So like most people I am frustrated with how infrequently I get the critical success on a weapon that I like. For those without blowtorches this is after 1 to almost 2 days of waiting.

I would like to suggest adding a couple territories, where like the crit and success territories (which only need to be held at the beginning of the craft), will help the players in their quest for good weapons.

I propose 2 territories that decrease the crafting time of weapons by a %. Each one being 10% decrease in crafting time, so a 24 hour craft would 19 hours and 12 minutes instead with both the territories. If they only needed to be held at the beginning of the craft, less likely factions would sit on these territories.

*If you wanted to make sure factions don’t sit on them, have the territory boot the faction that’s on them after an hour.

Again this is just a suggestion and I know there are other pressing matters regarding territories that the player base would like to see fixed first

• being randomly booted after capturing
• not letting you place a team after defeating the defending team
• attacking and game crashing so you lose the attack and the territory gets locked


They should probably update territories as a whole. Most of the benefits are irrelevant (except crits, levelups, bonus survivors, world energy, player xp, and maybe disassembling bonus chance, bonus rep, and AR upgrade chance for people like me who like their fodder to have maxed ARs), some are actively harmful (drill sergeant, anyone?), bonus for holding them is irrelevant, etc.

Weapon crafting time, whether they go with 10 percent or a little higher or lower, seems like exactly the kind of effect that might work well as a territory - ideally you want to craft with them, not a big deal if you don’t have them though. I like it.

If they wanted to make crafting shorter in general, they could just make it shorter tbh, rather than have us jump through pointless hoops.

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But we continue to jump don’t we :joy:

The speed up terries could take the place of 2 of the less useful territories already there.

Even if holding them for an hour was a Burt I think would be an improvement. A trainer, I’d even like 1* gear of shirts and gloves more as the holding bonus tbh

Lots of stuff needs fixed in territories first. Adding new ones without fixing the broken stuff first isn’t a good idea.


Haha, definitely. They trained us well.

Burt per hour would actually be very good, possibly too good. Shirts and gloves is a great idea, even if it’s a tiny amount they are always welcome. They could also put small quantities of armory tokens in there - three or four territories giving four per hour wouldn’t be too much I think, it’d still be way over a month even for just a T4 special attempt.

Gear markers would also be appreciated - most people have a lot, but at least you can exchange it for gear and food. Lots of possibilites that would not materially affect the game, but still feel more relevant to today’s game than 4* tokens…

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This makes them no money, so while it is a nice suggestion It wont happen.


As mentioned below in the post I know there are lots of issues but seems to be conventional (unfortunately) to add new things rather than fix old. Seeing 2 of the less useful territories change over to something useful may help.

But I agree fix what’s broken first is ideal

4* tokens and 5* tokens I will pass on. Armoury tokens is a solid idea even at the small amounts is nice. For weapon terries would make the most sense. Choice box of 5 s class items an hour would help with people not walkering terries (too nice probably), Burt an hour etc lots of small things

It would, but in some regions factions would start hogging them again, using war defenses and coining them back up etc. I think it’s great that crit sharing is so widespread now, so I didn’t want to suggest it.

One of the many things I don’t get about Scopely - there’s so many little things in territories and the game as a whole they could do that would not materially affect their income (because the effect on the game economy should be negligible), would presumable not take substantial effort (they can easily change special territories after all, and do so practically every time they’re up), and are not super hard to think of, but would make the whole thing feel much less outdated.


We know they cant fix territories you would be better off to just ask for flat time reduction. They would probably make more money so they would at least think about it. Paying someone development time for this is worthless.

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I like this idea but my first suggestion would be for them to do something about the ridiculous odds of critical success because I don’t know anyone coming anywhere close to the bogus 65 percent shown.

That’s exactly what would happen, even if your number one wasn’t dicks they’d be fools not too when crw rolls around and their disadvantaged via kindness

If people want to coin defences back for 4-5 armoury tokens an hour scopely would be making bank and I’d have a good chuckle over the players doing it. I see your point though for sure.

I think the changes however small would help with player retention which should be a top priority imo

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No, I don’t mind waiting couple more hours if that saves all the crybabies n global

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