Additional Museum Tabs

Can we get the Museum broken up into multiple tabs? Like one for S-Class collections, one for Survivors Club collections, etc., etc.


I want an S-tower like the 6* one where I can see all in circulation. One way in which the 6* era was better than 5*, I could go and learn the toons I don’t have.


Dear god yes, with more S class coming we need organization!

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@LadyGeek both the s tower and the tabs for museum are good suggestions for consideration and although small something that might help all players

ps: sorry for the tag, last member standing i remember :blush:

Can we have one to where. It has all 6* stars and it’s a collection called. 4 of a kind.
(Have all 4 traits of a six star) you would get rewarded for that. It’d have all 6 stars before s class and you get rewarded for having all 4 traits (Strong,Tough, Fast,Alert)

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