Additional Balloons for Sergio

I messaged Scopley about additional balloons being available to get for Sergio I actually got a response.

They sorta answered my question.

I was wondering if somebody from PC could press this issue with Scopley.

I know Sergio is a turd sandwich but it really sucks grinding for him for a whole month and making all milestones then having Scopley give me the middle finger by having me be a couple hundred or so red and orange balloons short.


Before anyone starts slandering Sergio, the problem is the principle that the first stash, usually completable for F2P, was not this time


It’s all a big joke. They didn’t give out enough balloons to get him by grinding alone. And now quite a few people have already transferred, resetting their stash. Even if Scopely were to do something about the last few balloons, quite a few people still will miss out. I’m fine not getting such a shitty toon but damn if this was someone decent I would be pretty pissed.

I feel like Scopely are a bit like this atm.

Want a balloon Georgie? We all float down here…

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