Addition of new sort / filter catagories

I thought it would be a good idea to add a sort filter within the roster section that allows us to view survivors by their colour/class.

Also a sort filter within the armory that allows users to view the weapons which we have the sufficient resources to upgrade.

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Is this what you mean in the first part?


Some people dont actually explore the game before they start posting stuff!!

I would also like additional filters that allows us to see certain groups only. Sorting by trait/ rarity/ persona is fine but I would like a filter that shows me only 5* toons or alert toons or tier 3 toons, or 5*/ alert/ tier 3 toons. Would be super useful for level up tournaments and for filling those requirements. I will try to mash together a cap or 12 so you all can see exactly what I’m talking about.


I do think it could be a lot neater the way the toons are laid out, sometimes it does feel like a mess. Atm there is a bug where it doesn’t show if ur toon is linked into somewhere else like territory’s annoying.

I put this idea up on the old forum as how a filter (not sort) could look… (btw, I know my example is not actually filtering, but its just demonstrating how the buttons could work)

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Could even get rid of 1-3* buttons

ya, it would be nice to have better filters, ie: if i wanted to see all and only Alert Citizens sorted by Attack.

maybe some kind of checkbox or radio button…

anyways, this would probably require a brand new design of the UI, but it would be nice.

Can we have a filter for ascendable only characters please? It would be fair to say their are the primary focus for people to level up and it would be great not to have to swipe though all your 5* to find your newest ascendable.