Adding a faction and used names history to player profile

Have you ever thought of adding a history in players profile that shows what faction a player was part of before joining your faction. Also a history of used names would be nice. Makes it easier to identify the jumpers and the haters.


This is actually a really good idea. It would be pretty cool to see the path some players have taken to get to where they’re now.


If they did this i’m sure they would have a limit of how far back you could see so all you would need to do is jump in dead factions a few times to clear your history to hide whatever you want hidden. I think being able to make notes on peoples accounts that only you can see and edit is better


Very much agree. A real note section (not the pointless one they currently have) would work perfectly. It’s very difficult to remember who people are unless you’ve messaged them in the past or they are a top 50 ranked player.


Some ppl’s list’s of name’s would be too long to name them all just for one person.

I change my in game name about 20 times a war weekend…


I agree, a names list would be to long for many players. Even listing the last 5 factions would be an improvement though.

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Faction history, lifetime assault tickets, and lifetime war score would be good to know


Awesome idea!!!

They already have this. If you block someone, they will always stay in your blocked list. With name changes visible.

All good suggestions @CombatDevIl @kalishane

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The great PZizzle has spoken!! Completely agree

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