Add turn counter to all battle areas

I really enjoy the turn counter that has been added to arenas due to the # of turns based bonus. I find myself looking for it in raids and war battles. Might be because I run Denise and usually have no idea how close to turn 8 l am lol. Seems like a very easy helpful tweak to me.


I thought this too. I’m sure it would be easy to add it

Don’t see any reason why not. But on a side note, you know you can always check her Active Bar since it’s always on view right?

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This really would be great, I find myself looking for it all the time outside of arena.

There’s a bar at the bottom that tells you how far away. Smh

No l was in fact not aware of this, thanks.
I’m sure you are aware of 100% of the ins and outs of every single game mechanic and have no gaps in your encyclopedic knowledge whatsoever. Still would prefer the counter.

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It’s one of the more obvious things and it
Also tells you how many more times you can use it. It’s one of the more obvious bits and I’m sure there was a big announcement when they made the changes.

No helping some people, no matter how hard scopely try to make it idiot-proof.

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