Add Spray paint and glue to weapon token wheel

The weapon token wheel is horrible. You might as well revamp it and add things that are very sought after like glue and paint. I’m so sick of pulling Tod’s club or heavy machine gun. Disassembling these pathetic weapons gives you even more bull you don’t need. Duct tape and polishing kits aren’t the only thing people need. You can’t get crit of atk and defense without spray paint.

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Add stun guns with suuuper low probability as well.

Please no. I’d rather just have weapons in the weapon wheel. Also, this would hurt starting players who need those weapons at the start of the game but don’t need crafting parts (because they can’t unlock the crafting options yet). I remember how hard it was to get good weapons at the start of the game.

O my gawd… What Good weapons is in that token wheel?


A lot of them. You can get any 4 star weapon from there that you can get from 4 star weapon tokens.

But seriously, it would make the start of the game WAY too easy if all the new players just got 4 star weapons right out of the gate. New players ought to work their way up, just as everyone else, that’s part of the fun of the start game. Not every player is an end game player. If you’d like there to be better weapons, it makes more sense to just ask that top tier rewards be 4 star weapon tokens more often and lower level rewards be elite weapon tokens.

I say amen

I’d be down for a three star weapons wheel actually. That’s not a bad idea.

Not sure why you say the 4 star weapon wheel is full of crap – it has nearly all of the best freemium weapons in the game in it. And buying the promo weapons is like throwing cash at an oyster until it gives you its pearl.

… Except for 6s premiers… And buying 4s promo weapons… Hmmmm…

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I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty easy to mod the 30% something + very large ap bonus + blank weapons and the 30% something +20% something + blank weapons. It’s the others that are less useful. And I do think 4 star weapon tokens ought to drop more, and ought to have some more of the premium weapons added to it, but not the 320 power level + weapons that have been coming out as of late. Those would shake up gameplay way too much if they became common.

I said ought to. Premier has always been a shortcut for paying customers, and while I don’t like how it negatively impacts the game economy, scopely has to make money somehow, or else they wouldn’t be able to keep the servers running.

Actually many games start to accelerate early game play as the game progresses. So I don’t see any reason they shouldn’t be creeping these wheels to be more and more reflective of the requirements of competing in the new era.

Either way its all out of date and they should be doing periodic changes to keep it fresh. Could slip a shiva revolver or clementine shotgun in at very low rates for the 4s weapon wheel. We get 2? Per month. Hardly game breaking at this point.

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I’ve played a lot of mobile apps, and I’ve definitely seen a power creep at the start game in some of them as the game progresses. What I also notice, however, is that it actually makes the start game a lot less fun. Because you’re still going up against all those easy world map toons and completing low level missions and whatnot, but it’s all such a breeze that it just feels like a giant waste of time with no real feeling of reward. The reason getting a stun attachment for our pistol or pulling a shiva feels so great is because it doesn’t happen very often.

That said, as I mentioned above, I definitely agree that more promo weapons ought to be thrown into the 4 star weapon token wheel.

Noooooo… Don’t add weapons parts to the weapon token wheel. I don’t get weapon drops while farming, maybe get a 4* weapon once in 2 months, which doesn’t count. This is the only place I can get a guaranteed 4* weapon. I just happen to have an account that doesn’t get drops on weapons. Sure a bunch of 3* weapons, but hardly ever a 4*. Kinda depressing to not get drops :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Maybe integrate another wheel for weapons parts instead.