Add option to buy multiple food bags from Gear Depot

Can we add the option to be able to buy multiple food bags from the Gear depot please? It’s very time consuming when you need to purchase 1.5mil of food.

When we buy crates from the store, we have the option to buy multiples at the same time, something like this would be very nice.


I concur - lets keep bumping this

Yeah. We need this feature.

Take it to the team @kalishane please. This is top priority in quality of life improvments

yep, let’s make this happen

This would be very nice :smiley:

While this would be nice, it should be at the bottom of the list of improvements. Other changes that need in first should be the gear should come in a full set, not one fucking piece. I don’t need “1” scope, let me buy all 6. Add legendary gear to the depot, not just RNG bags as milestones and museum.
So you have to hit one extra button each time, does it really take that long? 30 seconds and I have filled my stock of 2.5 million. Just my opinion

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I actually don’t understand, if gear depot was supposed to speed up things (lol), why does it have 10k food sales? What can I do with 10k food?


I buy 10k food to keep minimum food on hand, but it is only occasionally. I would not be against losing it to put an extra gear slot in though. I would rather have more gear options than food options, but that is just my opinion.

Actually 5 and 6*s are eating a lot more food then 10k, basic 10-15 seconds of leveling eats me 2-3mil of food. It doesn’t follow meta at all, it can be only useful for 3-4 *s.

I don’t understand the complaint. Just 350 quick taps (and a large does of repetitive strain injury) and you’ve got enough food to max a 6★

Seems fine


I think Scopes makes some sort of $ on every tap? Could be :star_struck:

As I said in an identical thread a moment ago, an enhancement has been logged to allow this.


Not that I noticed. Good point. Will log an issue for that too.


every aspect of the game should allow us pick a number like most other apps… we NEED to have that as an option. Why are yall making this so hard?

Almost every game has a slider and a option to input a number to buy or sell anything in every aspect of the game. I’m sure you play games yourself where they do this.

This whole thing of holding a button and waiting for the count to go up is ridiculous…and with the recent update if you hold it long enough it goes too fast and selects the total amount in your inventory…come on …please add this asap

Because coding nightmare. Because coding too stronk.

Or maybe to make the process tedious and avoid everyone using it.


Also, we could replace the 10k food bag with a 500k bag. That would make life a little more easier.

Id rather have gloves and shirts in multiples of maybe 50s or 100s to buy for gear markers as now we dont get coins for leagues and a lot of my coins went to buying those 70 coin offers and as @Bane said soooooo many other things need to be fixed/added before this as we all know ignu struggles with coding so id rather them code in a territory fix or something first

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could we replace the 10k with 1k, and 100k with 1
makes it too easy to level, and means we get milestones and free bruce

make it happen

if they want 1m bags, sell a crate with RNG of that feature popping up, with 0.0000000001 chance of it occurring, at 10000 coins a crate.
the coding is easy for that, pm and I sell u the code scopely for some 6 star chars

+10000000000000000000000 posts and topics about this.

@Kodak_black, let’s make this happen.

@JB.Scopely I can buy multiple store crates at once but yet can not buy multiple depot offerings at once. Port this code over and let’s improve the players quality of life! Let’s do this JB.