Add more Telltale Events/ Opportunities to get Telltale Characters



Hi there everyone! Hope you all are having a good day! I just made an account to ask this question as I am a pretty big Telltale Waking Dead fan.

I want to know if it would be possible to add in new events to celebrate The Walking Dead: The Final Season and it’s continuation by Skybound games. As the title of the game suggests, it is The Final Season, the end of the Story of Clementine, a character who we have been following for 4 Games. A good way to promote and even celebrate The Final Season is to, in my opinion, add events and Museum rewards that are easily redeemable which allows players to get a number of characters, not just one, and also do a one month login reward for a major character like Ascendable Clementine.

It would attract plenty of players to the game during that month and event as they are gaining free rare characters. Hiding them behind a Prestige Recruits screen where the odds of pulling a decent recruit are very slim is a poor choice and creates frustration in fans.

I apologise if this Topic is posted under the wrong Section. It is literally my first post and I have been very eager to share it. Hopefully a Staff Member at Scopely sees it and considers it. And hopefully we can see it implemented :slight_smile: What do you guys think?


I agree they need to ad Mitch, WIlly, Ruby, Able, Assim, and Fat kid

Also make the Lilly a 6*


They did this a while back already before the season started. I think Fast Javier was the free monthly toon.

That’s not to say they can’t do another one, but if they made a new roadmap like they did in the past, they have to include story elements that may not have been written yet.


Omar I think his name is. And I agree they should also add AJ, Lilly, Abel, Aasim, Ruby, Willy, Omar, and Mitch. They could make for good characters :slight_smile:


The Story for The Final Season is complete in its entirety. And thanks to their partnership with Skybound, they can come up with other storylines that won’t give away anything from the Story of the game


If I recall correctly, not yet. While episode 3 was almost done, i believe they didn’t finish writing episode 4.

While true that they can do other storylines that won’t give away spoilers, I think it’s more so about inconsistencies that can pop up from different storylines that Skybound might want to avoid. Of course, they could just avoid doing a roadmap with story, but they still have to get clearance from Skybound. With Walking Dead Season 9, the new Walking dead console game coming out, it’s hard to say what they can or can’t do given clearance from Skybound.


oh and Brody too. I liked Brosy but she got the brain damage and died


Episode 3 is complete but requires some polish in order to run smoothly. The script for Episode 4 is finished. Telltale knew how The Final Season will end, and so does Skybound. But they haven’t gotten so far in terms of building the actual playable game, due to the layoffs at Telltale. They were supposed to prepare a playable test version of Episode 4 around the end of September but due to events we all unfortunately had to endure and witness, that didn’t happen. But with Skybound now at the helm Episode 3 will be polished and released and Episode 4 will be playable and released too!


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