Add More Item Drops to Event Roadmaps

With everyone farming for Whisper Masks in raids to use to farm for Gold Arrows. It would be nice for additional items to drop with the Gold Arrows such as shirts, gloves, metal cutters, bronze bricks, etc.

@Parker Would you be able to bring up this suggestion in the next PC meeting? Pretty please!


Amen to that!! It’s so annoying, it shows all these so-called possible rewards yet you never get anything. I never got anything other than arrows and FA tickets.

It definitely needs some tweaking for sure. While they’re at it they can make the 20% Drop Territory’s work for Roadmap stages. Always thought that was BS.

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Only on stage 1. That’s a 3 wave stage and it does drop other items. The others don’t drop anything and it shows you can only get food, materials, XP and survivors. It’s only lying about the survivors lol

Stage 1 says you can get a lillith but the drop rate must be super low because I’ve farmed it loads and never got one.

I have better idea, put shirt & glove offer in black market

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