Add Mechanic to Increase Scrap Production

Need more scrap, add more to daily through a progression of special stage completions.

coin to unlock new stages if you wanna be greedy i’ll pay :stuck_out_tongue:

The scrap factory is so basic It’s not hard to forget about it!

New Mod Idea.
Epic Mods.
Can only be slotted in the Middle.

Boost defense by set %
And make specific ones that use the “role”

For example only Support can Equip.
"Healing is increased by 15% and healing received
By 10%.

Or increase Buff or Debuff Duration by 1 turn and 10%.

And make them
Crafted with Rare Mod Scraps from exclusive Sources.
So you can roll the ones you want or in the category you want :stuck_out_tongue:

And they could fit in any Group Maybe and provide an extra +50 stats

Or even maybe Unique Mods for Unique Toons.
So they could maybe have 1 unique and then role specific generic ones.

Seriously? I’ve usually got more materials than I can use and have converted the max mods for the day.


they should make it free mod removal all the time and get rid of the conversation cap


He said he needed more scrap not materials. I run out of scrap after leveling a mod or 2 nothing worse than getting new mods and not being able to level because it fails 30 tries on one level and now ur scrap is gone in 30seconds.
It would be cool since u took away daily login in offers to have days that things double or go half. Ex:Monday is 2x scraps day material gets u double scraps for conversion. 1/2 off world energy day :all day it takes half the time to fill world energy (not just an hour for tts all day for everyone) I realize tts do offer some things but really it’s not making a huge difference holding for an hour.


I know he said scrap not materials but you can get 13,500 scraps a day from materials. That’s like nearly one gold mod from scratch a day (if you are lucky). We don’t get that many free mods that the material conversion is unreasonable if you max it.

gold mods can cost up to 50k to get 15 sometimes.

And sometimes you get a ton of mods. We had 2 events with mods
recently and no scrap in any tournaments.

They give out over 100k on tournaments, which shows how actually
disposable the stuff is.

I personally would pay like increased roster for more daily mods
if it was decent.

In the Tower it is like 400 coins for 10k. Not going far.

20k a day would be already a solid improvement.

I got all 80 mods this event and I buy the league ones also.

And then, events, wars. I got so many mods at this Point.
I don’t even bother leveling “HP” mods since I cannot afford
all my att or def ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I can totally get why some players are 100% fine
since mods can be also a huge waste of time when you get the shiet ones

I have a better idea… Get rid of mods :hugs:

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it is just another rope they been using to keep people playing.

That’s like saying. Best plan = Stop playing.
Which is the obvious truth.

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Fixed it for you :hugs:

I would agree the 130k cap is way too low, would be great to have more.

They should have made it you can level the building to make caps higher

I dont think the cap of how much scraps you can have is the main problem as mine is always empty, my main issue is how much wood I can convert to scraps every day

That part of cap I’m talking about scraps per day and total you can hold at once. Sr for example you can easily hit Max amount on legendary stages real quick now your stuck with wood you have to make battle items with if you already are crafting 2 weapons

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Actually I have tons of unleveled mods. The game is constantly changing and sometimes I’ve had to use scraps to change mods on a toon when theres no mod removal event. I get as many mods as possible. You can almost always improve mods on a toon, maybe get a better upgrade or decide you wanna go hp instead of def set. We definitely need to be able to convert more daily. Even allowing 3mill materials worth daily instead of 2mil would help a ton.
I won’t and dont pay for any mod scraps in the tower If I run out I’m not going to spend coins to upgrade.
If theres a decent sale in offers like the previous $2 one I’ll jump on it. Even those are gone about 5 min after I get them.

Stop moaning Narc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and happy bday!

Happy birthday!

Thanks for the suggestions @Tdynasty2 it’s fair to assume we are toying around with new ideas for Mods, and we like to read all the community input on those!

What about that gold radio mod roadmap you did one time? That could be nice, mods in the helper tokens and elite item tokens wheels also would be nice

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