Add Lilith & Ulysses to Elite Items wheel


Every other trainer is currently there so it would make sense to give it a minor tweak and add them. Or if they are deemed too “valuable” to be pullable (despite Benedict being there too), at least add the trait trainers.


This ×1000


I agree, with the current awards, I think no one will be interested in tournaments


While Aiden can currently do Lilith’s job, I think they want Ulysses to not be in the wheel as part of the “resource management” approach towards 6s. So far, 6s can stand on their own pretty well just from base stats, so it isn’t like 6*s need their active skills to be a useful character.


That pretty much went out the window last Friday


What happened last Friday in regards to Ulysses?


What do you mean it went out the window last Friday?


If they were to put both in the wheel, then the trait specific trainers would have to be in the wheel. I don’t mind them not adding the two trainers, but they definitely should take out some items from the wheel like some 3 star upgrade items and 2 star burt.


Completely agree. I’ve been saying this for awhile. Elite items wheel needs to be updated to include these two trainers, and also the trait trainers as well.


Great idea.


I must have missed last friday as well.

What happened?


But what we gonna have on our feet when we get the msg to “keep surviving”? :disappointed_relieved:

Goes great alongside a good fanny pack to store the tears from shitty pulls!


Yes please! Add more relevant items and take out the crappy junk.