Add league trophies to clearing walkers


A quick way to solve territorys is too add trophys when clearing walkers , that way it balances the scores , my region nobody stacks anything so we are at a disadvantage to others whos region atleast stacks a couple of territorys regualy.


i agree with you bro…putting points when clearing walkers is the best idea to not put territories in winter country…lols


No this won’t solve a thing. Sure you get trophies but it won’t stop every spot from being walkered.

Award faction trophies only when holding a spot for an hour. Also earn 50 solo trophies per team per hour on def as well.

This is the only solution that will stop most people from walkering every spot all the time. Plus it encourages every player in a faction to add 3 defensive teams to the spots held.


^ this 100%


I try to follow your ideas but here I dont get it.
Whats gonna change if its implemented ?

We are all gonna keep attacking the terri as soon as the countdown hits zero, aint we ?
So in the end terri are gonna keep swappin from one fac to another every hour.
Only difference would be the trophies scored.

1st, as @LadyGeek well explained, it would go against the idea of leagues, rewarding passive players that would just stack and harvest.

2nd, it would be the exact same mess with terries.

The way I see it : add trophies for clearing walkers would give a good reason to clear walkers OR remove trophies for attacking teams and we back to normal.

Either way, terries and leagues cannot get along.


It would incentivize players to clear walker territories though


The incentive should be getting league points. Adding points for clearing walkers in a PVP game mode doesn’t make sense. If your region is greedy then you’re gonna have a ruff time in territories


Its better than the current state of not getting trophies from territories at all and never using your energy because there is no point in giving others points when they don’t reciprocate.


Let’s remove walkers from all territories then.

All terris would be hold all the time and every attack would then grant trophies for a PvP attack.


Or just stop clearing walkers so the boneheads stop walkering them & benefitting from you using energy. Take only what you need territory wise, normally it will be a territory everyone wants so it will be walkered less.


These are good ideas but there are also some who just want to see the world burn. Players in low level factions or factionless who just don’t care and enjoy seeing everyone fight. What then?


As long as you get trophies from walkers or players, who cares?


Thats what we do.

The issue is that its impossible to hold it more than 1 hour and all other terris are white. So you cant even use your energy to grab some trophies.


I also care about territory rewards. Elite tokens, fast training, etc. But maybe others don’t.


Do you share crits? Seems the levelup boosters & crits are the popular ones. I just refuse to help clear walkers so others benefit as I get screwed so they can walker it all over again.


I think my solution is pretty obvious but I will spell it out for you.

Most people will stop attacking and walkering because it earns them nothing. Just like how people let energy go unused before leagues.

People will start to apply defense to a spot because that will earn them solo and team trophies. I also suggested giving more trophies for each team added. This will ensure even the laziest people in our factions who never add def will or they will be losing out on trophies.

My solution is simple and would be 100% better than the way it is now. While you can’t ever stop people from sending spots to walkers at least with my suggestion they are doing it at a loss of trophies for themselves and for their faction.


You know thou…whole entire time thou…

it was all apart of scopely plan when territories was created…




Ok so you want to remove trophies for attacking players teams too ?

Its not really bad but I dont think this will happen. League points are (supposedly) rewarded for activity.
So sitting on a territory doesnt exactly fit.


We dont share, we just dont stack on them.


This is the only solution possible. The best solution also. Thumbs up. @JB.Scopely please deliver this to those in charge.