Add conversion for 1* trainers

1* trainers are still available through the training grounds and should have a conversion just like every other trainer type. A use case for 1* can be made because they are a good way to convert extra food and survivors into XP (even if in small amounts) without needing additional items.

I was pleased when the trainer conversion happened to free up inventory, but without being able to do anything with 1* its kind of a moot point because I had hundreds stored up in training grounds for use in level up events.

Please consider an update that brings 1* trainers into the same conversion strategy as other trainers.

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Don’t use the 1* training option, problem solved


don’t be a troll, this is a valid suggestion to achieve functional parity across trainer levels.

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While I do appreciate the 1* trainer otpion of 165 XP eventually, I much prefer the 430 XP from Bo. If they decided to heed your request for 1* Bazinga! trainer, they would restore the drop rate in world map/survival road for 1* to drop those trainers insyead of the current Bo. Overall it would have been a step back

That is a valid point. What if you could find balance by requiring multiple 1* to convert to a Bo? Even a 3 1* to Bo conversion would be better than having zero options for converting 1* trainers to XP.

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1*s are being phased out, they’re not going to be dropping so just don’t train them anymore and eventually they’ll be mostly forgotten about.
We need to move the levelling economy forwards not hold it back by insisting on a trainer for 1 stars.

Wouldn’t hurt to be able to convert multiples of them to Bo’s I guess for anyone who does insist on using them.

I understand that 1* trainers are basically dinosaurs at this point. My main contention is that they were useful for converting food and survivors (which basically rain if you farm them) into XP. I recognize that it was not a lot of XP, but I would accumulate hundreds of them between level events. At that scale, they still served a purpose.

I am open to other options.

Allow trainers to be crafted using ONLY food and survivors (which is functional parity for 1* training grounds options)

Allow multiple 1* to be converted into a 2* trainer

Create a 1* trainer and acknowledge a legacy aspect of RTS until they can be completely erased.

Really the point of what I am trying to get at is that prior to 25.0 there was a conversion for food and survivors into XP. After 25.0 there is not. Unless y’all want to keep dumping your coins into shirt/glove boxes I think there is room for improvement.


I’m stuck - I now have about 4000 1* characters that I use as training fodder already created and just queued in training grounds - I spent 1600 food and 2 survivors in order to create these 1* characters, which are now worth 50 food to sell.

This was easy - I didn’t have to think about what kind of higher star character to train, it used up my survivors regularly and the hour training time meant that I could keep this character farm going and only engage a single training camp.

A deficit of 1550 food by 4000 characters is over 6M food - not that I want that back. I’d much rather have a conversion rate of x number of 1* into a 2* trainer.

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