Add a Personal shop

I think this should be implemented in the game when everyone have their own shop when others can visit and buy what is it put on sale for a certain price, this will make the game more interesting and engaging and will make ppl less bored and more active!!


make it more open to abuse you mean?

This is an interesting idea, and it would pretty much turn the game economy on its head.

My knee jerk reaction is that while it would benefit f2p and lower players, it would only further consolidate the power of the top players.

Maybe if you could put in some kind of reasonable limits to what can and can’t be purchased?


Of course they will know how to do it the right way

I think this is a good idea but agree with Ianybob in some respects. At the same time let the players play and be done with it as I wouldn’t mind a trade or 2 with all the toons I dont use.

I feel like at this point we might as well take advantage of the abusers selling stuff dirt cheap. Trust me. I’ve always been against this every time it’s come up over the years. But if scopely won’t address hackers when they can now directly sell questionable stuff then it’s on them by this point. Maybe it’ll force them to actually crack down on it lol

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People would set up multiple accounts, farm loads of stuff then sell it to their main accounts for dirt cheap.

I would do this :rofl:

Imagine the havoc doing this would cause on the RNG wheel pulls. It would be like getting free extra chances

all hackers are working on this game. No idea is good in this environment

Like I said, they will know how to do it the right way, preventing all things like that, yall need to chill & trust the team


Bless your cotton socks, this must be your first time here.

You sound aggressive.
Might have to put you in your place.

It would be a way to create a controlled and legal “official” vk, I say since they allow several whales to use vk products, it would be a new way to counteract that to create a personal store.

U went so far with this, learn to see the shades of gray not only black & white & negativity, there’s tons of games that already has this feature and it work pretty fine

You got a better chance to take this idea and show it to them on the Discord server instead of here imo.

They banned me forever from discord the rats

Not a bad idea.
I’d buy some noods with my gold.

we should %speedrun that kind of thing imk

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