Add a confirm message to scavenger camp

Just opened clumsily a YGL with 3 T4 6*.
Thank you Scopely. We get wood notifications every time but it is too difficult to add a confirm message to the scavenger camp ?

PS : this feature existed before. @kalishane please can you share this to the team ? Why was it removed from the game ?


1000% agree


Because it was useful. Completely agree. :+1:t3:


This is something else i really want added along with doing away with the pop up asking if we want to reset a weapon when we click on it. Yes I want to reset my stun gun with huge boost when attacking and 35 attack thanks for asking.

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This would make sense but in the meantime what I do is move the camp all the way to the top of the town so it’s out of reach.

This is the normal spot I keep the camp.

This is where I put it so I don’t accidentally click on it. I’m never up top here.


They got rid of it the same time they brought in that useless little animation that shows the levels going up which no one every sat and watched the end of. @IronandWine has the right idea though. Just don’t hit the right or left arrows when you’re in another camp…

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Mine is in exactly the same spot :joy: far, far away from my other 3 scav camps. A confirmation button would be great to prevent future lego-fingered mishaps.


100% agree, already happened to me a few times…very frustrating!

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I only run YGL or Bricks and Mortor, that way I know to never collect a camp when it’s not lvl up. All the other missions are useless anyway

Not true at all. The ones that only provide wood are useless. There are others that when done right give cans and coins.

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Not true at all. YGL and Bricks and Mortor are the only scavenger missions worth doing, the rest get aborted to make room for YGL to come back


Ok, your obviously right. Who wants free coins and cans. That would be stupid… :crazy_face:

With the amount of people complaining about YGL and the current state/amount of lvlups wasting 12-24 hours for a Couple bonus items it is very stupid and time consuming to complete these missions

There are 4 camps. You could run two and still run ygl and bricks and morter. Why you are still going on about this makes no sense. If you want free coins or a can these work.

By completing the others so often you are lowering your chances that YGL comes back, even with all thoes bonus items and coins you will still get better rewards doing YGL during a lvlup so it’s best to wait

actually in my experience completing a scav missions seems to have better ods to pop a new one than cancelling. Its probably best to have all 4 camps running and if you really need YGL you can cancel a few.

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I did the same thing but sometimes without thinking I click the arrow for the next scav camp so a confirm button would be amazing @kalishane

This is exactly what happened to me.
@kalishane I also noticed that if you accelerate a scavenging mission inside the camp itself and leave it, the mission will be opened anyway. This bug should be fixed too. Thanks

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