Add 4th slot for torches

Why do we have to endure this everytime we have an event, torches r being taken away from milestones while a 4th slot can be added with ease, it would be nice if u can add a 4th slot for torches, taking them away just make it harder to do the roadmap, and the event rewards r not an alternative for milestones torches so pls bring them back


Ummm, what do you mean? Torches remained in SLUT/FLU milestones, it’s the trainers that got stolen from the middle row…

I liked the Willie format the most so far - standard milestones and the event collectables have been dropping in side missions. That’s how it should be in all events, IMHO


Agreed I actually like the Willie format also. It’s nice I was actually able to get Willie and a ton of pulls off the stash. Hope they keep this format going forward it’s step in the right direction for once.

That said I don’t see why they couldn’t just do another slot so we could keep the trainers in milestones.

I am strictly a pro-choice person. So appreciate if any event, promo or mission is optional. You can decide if you want to participate, invest your time, effort, resources or even money or not.

You can decide that an event’s rewards are not worth bothering with, so you simply ignore them and nothing would change for you… except that here it does. You can decide to ignore the anniversary event, ignore S-class Kenny or those cards, but it won’t give you the trainers, medals and other milestone rewards you are used to attain…

The choice in rewards for Willie was great too - could aim to get the toon, or max out the stash(es). Here your choice is rather limited :confused:

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