Adam Sandler in The Road To Survival?!


First we get Dexter as The Rock, then Marlon as Leonardo Decrapio, now we have this thing. Adam Sandler and The Home Alone Burglar’s Love Child!


These spot the difference games are getting harder


Idk I don’t see it :man_shrugging:


Wow, if I am Daniel Stern, this would hit me hard. Nobody knows your name, buddy.


I was thinking Erick Andre



I’m sure his 12 million dollars will help him get over the fact that people playing a mobile game don’t know who he is.


I think it looks more like this guy myself


I know Davie looks exactly like someone, but I can’t place it. All I can see right now is Jean Ralphio from P&R.


:rofl: Good call. Because they are both…

What a great show. Best song ever.


Think he looks more like Chris Cornell personaly


I agree but can Davie sing like Chris could. R.I.P


There will be only one Chris Cornell.


Yvette Nicole Brown is kinda obvious


Should add her to your list


Damn, that’s so same