AD: After Dwight


We’re coming along toward the end. Some already have or will have the necessary amount of items through this current Survival Road tournament. We know there’s going to be a few opportunities to get more vests (maybe barb wire too?). Any chance we can get a hint if there are any “end of event” collections like we tend to have? Ones that give stuff in return for leftover event items.

Knowing ahead of time would be appreciated so we know whether we might want to try a little bit for some extra vests or wire in the upcoming tournaments.

Lol I know some are struggling to get the bare minimum and I’m here talking about extra. Some that are barely getting the amount needed by the skin of their teeth… hang in there. :wink:


Yes, please. Just give us a solo Assault and the milestones be Barb Wires and Vests. The prizes could be a pull from that 4 weapons crate. Just help us out, Scopely. Please.


I don’t know if the catch up roadmap is still happening. Other than that barbed wire might not make a return. :grimacing:


Hmm Since the title works, I could turn this into a poll for who actually ends up with Dwight… oh and another for who is staying after Dwight lol.


Keeping hope alive!


I only need a roadmap with 12k plastic pieces. I’m sure it’s on its way.


I only need 20,000 plastic pieces. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Am I the first one?




nah…we all are busy bringing him to 6 :star: in the ongoing leveling event…no time posting.
First person posting his lvl 6. will win…#


I must confess while I’ve been looking forward to this prize very very much I wish his visual progression stopped at tier 1. He’s kinda ugly later on to be honest. lol




And people wonder why they have a hard time scoring points in LU…


Because there’s 3 per week?


Unnecessary leveling. Not saying about that is what the player is doing, because he could need points for prize placements, but I’ve seen people rush to level/make a 6* without strategizing their resources properly.


In THAT continuity he’s just discount Daryl. Ugly doesn’t describe the half of it.


There is still 7 days left on the timer I’m sure there will be more events to get the vests and wire


That isn’t the question lol. We know THAT, courtesy of Vk.


The shirts I have rediculous amounts of. Had enough halfway through the SR event without even finishing that or touching this level up. I’m still wondering how the hell I missed out on rifle parts though LOL. And still no news other then one mention about some more rifle parts 4 or 5 days from now with no definitive answer :frowning: