Actually got a good pull for once

i do not have a report of jb scopelys war records but you keep asking me always for them :crazy_face:

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Well, you could post yours (even though it’s the same as @JB.Scopely), since you insisted there was no decline in the last CRW.

You know, since everyone else said there was no decrease in activity :man_shrugging:

You have another chance starting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to your report. :+1:

i do not think jb scopley will have the same war report as i do have :laughing:

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Seeing how you are @JB.Scopely… I doubt it :man_shrugging:

Keep up the trolling, you entertain some of the player base :+1:

my friend you have confusion here i am not jb scopely and i am not doing any trolling in saying that

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Sure, keep up the trolling. it’s entertaining. You’re pseudo famous, how’s that 15 minutes feel?

War scores?

It’s hard to judge since neither of you have any grasp of the English language and how it works

A “good pull” is months in the past for me. I just spent my 2400 coins or so and got nothing, now I’m waiting to see how bad the war prizes will be before I decide I won’t be supporting my faction this weekend…but I think I already know the answer. :sunglasses:

You’re a regular here but somehow thought 2400 coins was somehow gonna gift you something special? As far as not supporting your faction I hope they boot you for being such a prima donna

From what i can see in the forums…you are a hater and the real troll.
Kookland at least has way more dignity and honesty than you ever will.


Lol. I’m the second strongest player, gotten mighty tired of the way Scopely runs this game. Quit once, came back to help a F A, just looking to break the bond again. Burned my coins, waiting to see weak war rewards, then I’ll try it again. But thanks. Oh i see what you meant now. I just thought I’d see if a miracle would happen with the coins. Gasp! Surprise! Lol. It did not.

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