Actual war rewards

A joke is a joke. We’re ready for the actual rewards now. The ones that supply a reason to play.


And yet people will waste hours upon hours and some will spend some coin too. We know it and more importantly they know it. Thus no need to make rewards better.


Please give us a 1* John as reward. Make this happen @JB.Scopely

Yea scopely should do something about the f2p base because at this rate looks like this game might be on its way out. Having people pay to play this game is a mistake… they need to find a balance that benefits both f2p and p2p players. What’s the point of having players spend thousands on this game for better toons, just so players can waste resources and then not have anyone to play against because regions are dead. Makes no sense.


Do you really believe they can make a balance now with f2p and p2p? I can tell you there is no turning back now…they chose their path. Just making as much money as they can and move to next game. Such a shame for spenders. Really sorry for them.

Remeber this: War Milestone - Thanks


Stop tagging him for some bs like that


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I mean aow is expected to have worse rewards than crw… Just some want more for less effort.

Milestone changes reflect the war type.

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