Actual odds of trait success?


Does anyone have a rough idea? I’m almost P11, nearing level 115, and for two months straight I’ve been crafting defender three on a Jesus blade. Every time I use duct tape and PK, always have at least 1 territory and the vast majority of the time 2. Almost every time I end up with a critical result, but always bonus def or reflect.

I have done this on the same weapon resetting each time no less than 45 times.

Meanwhile, others in the region seem to have a relatively ok time with. Several have at least one. I’m stoked for them. I’m just wondering if there’s something I’m doing wrong.

It’s really disheartening going into CRW against teams full of trait weapons. I have a nice stock of "bread and butter weapons with huge AP/hp etc. I have a solid team of 6s mostly maxed out (have 14 6s).

But I can’t for the fucking life of me manage a single absolute defense weapon. Halp.


It took me 50 tries. Try doing something else a few times. Every time I seem to be in a rut on one specific mod I try for something else for awhile. After I finally got absolute defense I successfully have completed quite a few weapons since then. Absolute defense and impair guns took me way more failures then stun on attack and stun on def. Another thing you could try on a 2* weapon I got my 8% to all weapon first try.