Activity level in your region



As we all know, declining activity will lead to the inevitable dying of ageing regions while Scopely continues to stall regarding server merges and/or individual (paid) migration despite our continued pleads for additional resources to be allotted to this critical issue. (cheaters, critical errors, bugs, airplane modes, gambling in premier wheel, flawed event design, poor prizing structure, stall meta and ridiculously limited legacy 6* aside, being trapped on dying regions has got to be THE #1 issue)

I have noticed a pretty steep decline in activity on my one and only main region lately and wanted to share what I think could be the beginning of the end for my game: (once threshold is met, accelerated uninstalls follow there-after that will positively reinforce more uninstalls etc)

Terrell(EN) at 2 days 1 hour left to all out war:
#1 faction: 17-0 (17 games)
#10 faction: 2-10 (10 games)
#12 faction: 2-4 (6 games)
#25 faction: 0-1 (1 game)

There are now 25 active factions left with a steep drop in activity around the 11-12th ranked factions. We are about 2 years old.

How’s the activity in your region?


22 and 13 over 100k upson


Barrow is dying too. Think it is a combination of scopley and what the #1 faction has done to the region.


Screven, 19 factions on the board, 10 over 100k


26, 10 over 100k with just shy of 48 hours remaining


Self explanatory.
We do offer to lower for the 2nd and 4th place factions, but sometimes they aren’t online when war starts, or at all because they’ve waited too long.

Edit: had to remove a word cause it wouldn’t have made sense haha



region : chatham


Baldwin where a few have just quit deleting their rosters.


And that all…


Wow so cross region war is more of a practical necessity than a fun development on Scopely’s part. In Cook only 25 factions currently on the board.


I don’t blame people for quitting. Look at the recent changes…

My region is also about dead. Over 2 year old region.


Go Wolfhounds!
Hope you do it.
Nice activity

Oh and 25 competing.
14 over 100k


Cheers lol. But a few of the hounds gave quit tonight due to the lack of activity/ repetive competition


79 factions, 44 above 100k in winston


Lee has 86 factions currently active. 48 above 100k.
But there are 6 still in the 90s.


Irwin region


28 factions on the board
19 over 100k


28 factions have done 1 war while 17 only seem semi active


Ouch that’s sad :cry::sob:


CRW was Scopely’s easy-go-to fix.

I think it’s clear that inactivity is getting wide spread due to a combination of things that are clearly speeding up the expected rate of attrition … to repeat: being trapped on a dead region has got to be the worst possible way to go out. The end is near.