Actives Use Should Reset After Completing/Leaving A Stage In Survival Road

This is a no brainer. I’m actually shocked that no one has suggested this before.


They reset after the entire stage (bronze/silver/gold etc) is completed.


Which is stupid.


That doesn’t help with regular survival road and it’d be better if they reset after completing or leaving a stage. Are you disagreeing with my idea?

@LadyGeek how dare you disagree if you are lol

Imo it doesnt matter and some toons i use their active skill up on purpose like michelle or bryan on the first few stages of a tier so that way they dont use it later on, most actives are useless for sr unless its cure stun or revive or something but like bryan, i need him to attack and to rush, not use his elusive and attack up skill so i use it up asap so i can use him the rest of the tier

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I gotta say I agree, it’s silly for it to reset per bronze/silver etc but hard to figure how they would adapt it to reset and when it should reset that would make it fair and if it could be done.

If they keep last stage dmg to next one, so they should also keep bonus hp to the next stage as well

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Ofc it should reset after every stage. Scopely is just in the 4* toons era.

I hate active skills on sr. When autoplaying the ai uses them for no reason. What good is elusive against zombies?


Don’t say that they will end up after every stage restarting actives and rushs don’t you think some stages are hard enough

Also if we reset active skills each stage then we reset rush and ap gain each stage, soooo no thank you

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