Active skills worth leveling


Wonder which active skill are worth to invest 8 ulysess?

  • if 8/8 shiva active skill can i stun on round 1 on attack and Dfence? For example to start the raid and stun enemy shield?
  • or the 20% ap gain on carl active skill could help some 6* with 66 or 58 ar shoot on round 2 with the right leader?
  • is -20 ap on 2 enemys from barker or alfa worth of those 8 ulysses?

Im really having a hard time thinking in which toons to spend those trainers or how others toons have some fully upgraded active skills worth leveling, thanks


of those 3,

Only Shiva is worth the Active trainers


Worth using:
Shiva stun 8/8
Any confuse 5/8
Mirabelles recover stun 5/8

Subjectively useful(erika recovers impair and shes meta)


Not worth using:
Bonus AP
drain ap
Heal self
Heal others

All of these are too situational to be worth dropping your adens on for now.


The only one i use on raid’s is Shiva active skill… But confuse one’s are also usefull if you do not have shiva


Miras is somewhat situational as well but in CRW you will find a lot of teams with 5 stun guns. She alleviates that pain


Carl’s active has proven pretty useful. Usually allows me to have at least 3 ARs fire on turn 3 (usually barker, shiva, and Yvette or zeke)


Being able to activate Siddiqs confuse 2nd round is helpful


Really active skills value depend on what you want your team to do. For example do you want Shiva to stun 2nd turn or do you want her ar to pop 2nd turn. Really for defense if both the active skill and the rush can pop same turn your probably better off going for the better ability in Shiva’s case her Rush. If you just want to focus on offense then you best off leveling both to give you options. Really def is kinda of a crapshoot right now so I’d just focus offense. Out of the toons you mention id go Shiva all day. In offense you can us her stun on a Shield which stun also takes away those pesky defense weapon abilities like stun, absolute and impaire extraordinary useful


From the most useful to the most useless :
Shiva/Madison stun
Yumiko/Siddiq confusion
Negan/Wyatt taunt
Tyreese/Dwight impair
Alpha/Barker AP down
Maggie heal
Abraham self heal

Away from this list, all the debilitating status recover skills (impair and stun particularly) like Mirabelle or Ezekiel/Erika which depends on the weapons of the opponent.


You can’t stun round 1 with Shiva, only round 2.

But yes Shiva is the best although you can easily stop at 5/8 with most active skills. Shiva 8/8 Would be good though bc short cooldown.


I like my active skills to go off turn two like stun, confuse, and impair that last for two turns all the others that last for one turn isnt worth leveling in my opinion


AP gain on Carl can be helpful.


Thanks all i was really having a hard time since those damn ulysses are so hard to get:sweat_smile: and stop at 5/8 with my shivas and and carl, all of the others 6* are just at 2/8 cuz none seems to worth, thanks again :blush:


I agree with the poster above about shiva. Her rush is more powerful on defence than her active skill, so i wouldn’t want to level the skill so that it popped before that


Siddiq active skill is useful when it’s leveled to 2 rounds of confusion


Ap gain in many situations Is almost like a command. If let’s say shiva would pop after hitting and Carl’s Ap gain is usable I use it pops shiva a round early. However I don’t use it every single time. If u have 2 Ap gain toons it’s also very good tool. I think you have to look at ur setup and decide what u need. I recommend asking faction mates if they have those toons and borrow them for farming and test them with ur team. What’s good for one isn’t for another. Ap drain is very useful if u have several enemies going off. So I’d say to at least get most of your toons 5/8. Be aware most likely u won’t use them 4 or 5 times and with lack of trainers given no need to increase levels to 8/8.