Active skills worth leveling?


In General, which Active Skills are worth leveling and qwhich should just be ignored? Stun, Impair, Confuse are obviosuly good ones to have, but stuff like “Elusive and Heal”, “Atk up”, etc. - I’m not so sure what to do with them


stun, confuse, impair, taunt, revive, focus, recover stun, recover confuse, recover impair, recover taunt.


add -75% def down, Focus, and Active Revive, to the list

Recover Taunt and confuse u only need to level it up to 5, so u can get the -1 starting cooldown


Yeah Focus is a must


Recover confuse and taunt are not that useful because when its your turn confused and taunted toons go of before you can cure it so you can only recover them for the next turn…focus is also solid skill…skills on toons like blue andrea, wanderer are not worth waisting ulsyses on imo


thats 1 less turn u don’t have control over them. its better to have control over your characters than to not have control at all.


Yep you are right, i was just saying its not as useful as eg rec stun/impair but it is still useful


i agree 100%. there’s not many taunters and confusers compared to stunners. All of green & Red > rom + mich. Also maxed recover taunt and confuse, recovers 3 ppl. there is currently no LEGENDARY that taunt/confuses 3 ppl for 2+ turns :{P


taunt blocks shield and revives. think again.


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depends on your setup, attk up and ap gain for decap alpha could be great with command. i saw posts about taunt being not so good but i tend to disagree, if its a dmg ap setup on a blue garrett and roman type team you could find yourself not being able to stop rushes and giving opponent extra hp vs defenses and on attk romanovs power doesnt need to be stated, so toons like blue garrett on attk still can have uses, esp. vs shields as most run stun and confuse resist


heal reduction


Attack up can be good if you have someone like Romanov or Anna on your team.