Active skills: why doesn't impair target a fully charged toon?


In war, I’m coming up against a lot of teams with Carl lead, Shiva, and Shieldshonne. I just had a battle where I attacked Shiva with all my toons first turn. Second turn Michonne shielded. I confused Michonne with Yumiko, then impaired her with Tyreese. The second impair targeted Erika. I figured this meant that Shivas AR wasn’t fully charged. I was wrong. Shiva rushed on her second turn, proving that she was fully charged when the impair was triggered while Erika was not. This seems like an oversight, but is it? Should the second impair give preference to those closer to using their adrenaline rush? I’m really not a fan of RNG deciding my battles. I want them to be strategic at their core. Thoughts?


Your safety bet is to check the character yourself and target it before Impairing. Yes, the game should probably be intuitive, but best to always play it safe.


You can’t target a character behind a human shield, unless you have focus. I don’t.


Ah, I misread that. My mistake there.


I bet it’s just random. I asked a similar question about Barkers AP drain Active. Combatdevil told me it goes off randomly. It doesn’t wait till other toons have attacked to get the AP drain last and work effectively. It can go off first and your other toons can charge the opponents ap to full again, making it essentially useless in that scenario.