Active skills not not charging on SR

Anyone else having the problem of active skill not charging during the Survival Road tournament. Some of mine are charging but red Sandy isnt and a couple more

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the active skill dont regenerate between phases

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Even after ive left gone to another stage, used different toons, and on to another, its still not charging up. Other players in my faction and region are having the same issue.

Actives dont recharge on sr until you get to the next lvl (i.e. bronze to silver, silver to gold, ect…)

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The rest are working fine, im aware of how it goes and how they charge, but it hasnt been charging at all not since the first stage and i havent used it because i havent needed it. Its only certain toons its not charging up on

SR is considered one continual event (why if you end one stage with full AP on every toon, and go into next stage, they still have full AP and u can use ar), so if you have already used sandy’s AS twice (or if you have used her on auto run) then your done for the entire event. the problem with her AS is the system sees it not as a revive, but a revive OR taunt AS, so if everyone is alive on your squad, the system will still pop her AS in order to taunt the enemy. I would recommend that if you have a toon with an AS you want to save, that you dont run them on auto, else the system is gonna have it drained before your done with a stage.

is there a 0 to the right of her active skill like shown below on anna and solange?

Can you get some more details? Sandy - Road To Survival #5? Which other toons are broken?

Can you provide a screenshot of them in one tier of SR (bronze/silver/gold/elite/legendary) then again after you’ve advanced to the next tier? Please identify the exact stages for the screenshots as well (gold stage 17, for example). Unfortunately I can’t attempt to reproduce this, as I’ve gone too far in this SR tourney, but next SR I can give it a shot.

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I can confirm the League Season 2 Sandy AS does not charge up. I thought this only happened to me, didn’t think much of it, but an inconvenience none the less.

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At one point it was considered 1 continual map and after AS were used they were done. It now recharges on each map bronze, silver , gold ect. It should be resetting at the begining of each. I haven’t noticed any issues with my toons AS

I don’t even pay attention to it I auto play every stage besides the red Walker stages on legendary with stun

Just tested, albeit not with Leagues Sandy, and it works fine. Ran down a bunch of AS to 0 remaining uses by Elite 25 and then on Legendary 1 they all reset to their max.

It might be that Sandy uses her AS a lot on auto, because of the taunt, and it becomes more noticeable when it’s drained by the end of a road if you need to rely on the revive portion…

Today it is working fine, just recently got back in game and that was the first thing i checked. Not sure what was going on, and if i dont need i dont care if it works or not. But it would’ve been an inconvenience once i got to a stage that was a pain in the butt and my toons stood a chance of getting killed. If by chance it becomes an issue again i will most certainly screenshot it for you and send it here. Thanks for replying back and i will keep a check on it through out this event.

Didnt realize they made it reset after each map. Thats cool. Sounds odd. Hope they get it fixed for good.

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