Active skills don't reset during sr


Title says it all really , like the way you can save an ar for the next stage on sr, It seems actives don’t reset either.

For instance during the current sr tourney I have used mirabelles stun recover twice, as the skill doesn’t reset between maps , It doesn’t reset the number of uses the skill has left

Intentional or horrible oversight?



Yep, they don’t reset after the end of a stage. I think it s an oversight. AR level sticks, health lvl sticks, but the uses of the active skill shouldn’t.


I think it’s not a bug, I think it’s intentional, it’s related to limited ability to use active skills


You can reset it by dying and using recover. :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly Bomb3r. I feel it is not unreasonable for them to reset after bronze for gold, etc.
125 stages seems quite unreasonable.
But @Kane508 that is a great idea! I don’t usually have to use any drug kits so have them to spare. This suggestion would be worth a sacrifice for sure!


The problem with that is that you get fewer points if you let people die on a stage


Cant you just redo the stage?


But the use of active skill is limited to once or however many times the max uses is for the entire tournament, rendering it essentially useless to have


Agree, but i dont Think scopely change anything