Active Skill Question

So i now know about not leveling Mercers active RIP. Are there any others that shouldn’t have their Acfive or ARs maxxed?

I wouldn’t max frosts or aaravs. These are just toons Ive got that I havent touched their actives

Mercers active may well be about time to level, it was for the bleed tower war and counters Mr Liu’s t1 AS

Aarav will only use his active if there is main, bleed or burn to be recovered, so unless I’m missing something I don’t see why you wouldn’t level his AS, at least partially.

I don’t level any shields like Frost because you want them to shield more often than not. I’m also careful with commands unless their skills are particularly useful.

I maxed Rick’s AR for his revive



Yes, Mercer’s burn/bleed cleanse is good for Onslaught and future bleed/burn wars. If you got dupes (3 bucks for a 10% chance is offered), I’d advise to max one and keep the other at lvl1.

Don’t touch Frost. But even at lvl1, he is using it too much (if you use him in any roadmap or SR) and he’s so stupid thay he casts it even if he suffers from 100 heal reduction…

And yeah, Aarav’s AS can be maxed, unless you don’t care for the bleed/burn/maim removal at all. If he maxed his rush, he will always rush, he’d cast the active only if he’d be impaired/slowed/AP drained…

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