Active skill doesn't work on defense

has anyone notice that on defense the active skill doesn’t work? , I saw that neither yumiko or siddiq use their active skill on defense.

Sorry my bad english.

Oh they work. Believe me. I’ve had Shiva stun and Mira cure stun plenty. It’s random though

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Mmm, I try my defense with a friend today and neither siddiq,tyresse or yumi use their active skill not once, and I have all the skill maxed

That’s how some fights go. I’ve been warring for a few hours though. I’ve had Mira, Abe, and Shiva all use their active skills on the defense teams I’ve attacked. Sometimes they don’t use it though.

There is a rng to active skills on defense. If it doesn’t hit it won’t trigger unlike AR which rushes when full. This is because there is a limited use of AS vs AR.

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