Active Skill broken!

When we experience gameplay bugs people say “we need prints or something”. Ok, here we go.
I got two teamates stunned after strike Kapoor, Camilla active skill clean stun from two teamates, right? Not this time. She only got AP, but as you can see on print, Bruce and Pete Anderson still stunned after this move.

Not even to mention another issues like Bruce is not taking AP from enemies on his rush. I don’t have print of this, but it’s happening all the entire day. The same thing with Nik as well.

I have issues with Bruce not taking ap sometimes… I think it might be a guardian issue… Did that team have a dbl guardian?

Something like this? I’m having the same thing with him right now. Got this print of a fresh raid minutes ago

Look how he rush on the second print and Diego adrenaline still the same :man_facepalming:t2:

Christa, BAC, Nick are broken with beta client.

Zachary too

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