Active skill - Being used 1st round



Faced a team in Blitz war, they had 6* ascended Carl. His active skill was maxed at 8. Which says it has an initial cool-down of 2 turns.

I put all 5 of my first round hits on him, then during his first turn he immediately used his active skill to gain AP. There was no command toon on the team.

So, does damaging an opponent charge their active skill? Or have I missed something?


Some faction mates have experienced the same. What’s going on?


I had a Shiva use her stun skill 1st turn vs me, leveled at 5/8.

Edit Might be worth to mention that I’m on the latest beta release,


Someone in a war today , their 6* yumiko set off confuse turn 1 too


this is happening to me too. active skills being used first turn on defence even without being touched and no where near fully levelled. this is clearly a bug and cost me alot of fights. i want my cans back.


as @Catnips said can you say what version your client is atm, might be a new beta build bug.


I’m on the same version as catnips (

It is repeatedly occuring, on various 6* characters. They don’t need to be hit for it to happen either.

Anyone a bit more tech savvy know how to tag one of the Scopely dudes in here so they see it?


@CombatDevIl @CombatMan any insight about this?


I’m on Beta and its been happening to me too


most probably a beta issue havent heard from anyone in my faction and i left beta long time ago.


Can confirm. Shiva stunning and Mirabelle recovering stun on their first turn.

@CombatDevIl, @CombatMan, @kalishane, please address.


I’m in beta yes


I thought it was Just me, or that Zekes recover impair was recovering neutralize.

I even had shiva maul me 2 turns in a row. And yes Im on beta.


Thank God it’s only in Beta. They’ve got time to fix it (presumably) before it goes live.

@CombatDevIl, have you been made aware of this?


it is only in beta but affecting beta players in active regions unfortunately, another beta bug carrying over live. Thank god i left beta before :grin:


True, but it’s affecting a minority is what I meant (I know I didn’t phrase it well). It sucks for you guys, but I honestly appreciate the crap you guys deal with to try and get things right before it’s an issue for everyone.


Running the latest Beta build here, I’ve also had 6*s use their AS Rd 1. It’s a bit annoying but at least we picked up this bug before the update went live for all.


Neutralize actually impair the opponent. but if you’ve someone able to recover impair like Zeke, impair form neutralized is cleared


Are you able to use you own active skill round 1 too?


No, mine can only be used on round 2.