Active region Harris offer for merge

Harris region would like to invite any player or faction to come and join a super active region when scopley allow the move. We have hundreds of players and dozens of active factions and we want to offer a competitive game to those who’s regions are dying. Too many great players are stuck in boring non active regions and that’s a waste of talent. We can offer you the chance to compete again and get enjoyment from the game.
We are offering this not because we need you but because you need us. Are you up for a challenge ? Think you can take us on ? Then come join us


My main region has thousands of players and countless factions. Rather get over here. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest there is no point over-populating regions. Better to have everyone evenly-spead. Competitive enough to be fun but not so competitive it’s entirely run by whales.

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I have not stated my region name. I just made that troll post in order to make fun of all these topics coming up in which people advertise their regions. xD

We all want high activity, fun gameplay and a reasonably even playing field- even enough to stay both challenging and fun over time. In Harris, that’s exactly what we’re working for- new accounts are welcome, and when transfers work you’re welcome as well.

Harris, is full of a lot of solid competition and friendly people! We have fun, and have some solid factions that mean business, we have all been willing to show new players the ropes, and give solid harborship to vets looking for a solid server and competitive fun!

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