Active Player Recruitment

My faction is currently looking for players who can put 100k-200K in war, and meet milestones in faction events. Our preference would be people who can cover war starting at 10pm eastern and overnight shift, although we will consider any time zones if you can meet milestones in faction events. Also we are currently in Diamond II faction league. We fluctuated between II & III all last season.

Our main goal is to finish top 10 in the next CRW. We have finished 11th, 11th, 11th, 14th in last 4 CRWs. We fluctuate between 2nd & 3rd in region faction events.

We have had some recent retirements and looking to bolster our core group back up. We have a mix of players between P2P and F2P, as we look for activity in faction events over spending habits.

Our region has shared weapons territories, overall does well at keeping territories filled for league points, and many players drop defenses during raid events.

You can message me here or in Line @ jadcmsu if you are interested. Thanks!

Can I be leader?


I claim newcomer.

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I am level 45 and I average a score of 20k. Does that qualify? I have a team full of Barkers.

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Bumpity bump

What is the name of this faction and the region because little information is given

Feel free to pm or line me if you’d like more information as indicated in last line of the post. :grinning:

We are still looking for a couple more active players. If anyone is interested, please PM here or in Line @ jadcmsu.

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