Active player looking for a faction in Butler region


Hey all, new to these forums but a longtime Road to Survival player. I’m currently part of a really inactive and inefficient faction and I was looking to join one that is much more active in order to partake in all the events this game has to offer!

Some stats about me:

  • I’m level 20
  • My raids record is 509 wins, 28 losses
  • I have many rare and leveled up characters, such as 4* Maggie, 4* Chuck, etc.
  • I’m active throughout the entire day
  • And as the title suggests I am in Butler

Please let me know if you think I would be a good addition to your faction. I love playing competitively during raid wars, faction level ups, basically everything. Hope to hear from some like-minded players!


Join Raid Us You Lose


Can’t find Raid Us You Lose when I search for it. Is it in Butler?


Sorry the correct title is “Raid Us U Lose”


Damn I’m just about 600 points shy of your reputation requirement :frowning:


Oh its not my faction, I don’t play in Butler. But the leader was very vocal in Event Chat last weekend in CRW so it’s just the first faction that came to mind lol.


That dude makes that faction in every region lol